Instructions for a video teleconsultation

If this is your first virtual consultation on Televed, we request you to kindly go through the below instructions to ensure you have a great experience.

You can join the call either using the Televed Android app or website (

Ensure that you enter the waiting room 30 minutes prior to your appointment time

Be relaxed and try to join the call from a quiet and brightly lit room.

Please keep a note of all your symptoms and questions before your consultation

While phone data connection is enough, for better results, please use a WI-FI connection

In case you would like to share any reports or documents, please share them using the chat functionality during the call.

If there is a delay, please feel free to continue with your other activities, however, keep your phone handy as you will receive a SMS when the doctor is ready.

You would be able to access the prescription after the consultation using both the Android app and the website.

In case of issues please mail us at (